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50s 60s ATOMIC mid century modern family- PILLOW

We make custom sizes. Please email with inquiries and for price quotes.

100% cotton medium weight
approx. 11"x 13" at the corners
black cotton back
*2 pillow set*
$39.99 each
PRICE IS PER SET OF 2 PILLOWS. Too much fun! .. Mid- century icons of family life and their fantastic trappings! graphics are 1" x 1.25" each WOW! THIS IS THE MOST FUN AND homey OF ALL ATOMIC DESIGNS!....,EVERYTHING MID-CENTURY HAS TO OFFER!.. COTTON FABRIC ..ALL NEW CONSTRUCTION WITH THE BEST NEW FILLING AVAILABLE. 100% COTTON WITH STUPENDOUS VINTAGE 50'S REPRO PALETTE! filled with all new poly fill! WE WILL SEND A SET OF 2 PILLOWS per set OF OUR CHOOSING THAT DIFFER FROM ONE ANOTHER FOR THE PRICE OF $39.99 per set. There are 6 different "frames" equaling 3 sets so buy all 3 sets if you want all 6 patterns!!
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